The Multi-Matrix Game

for maximum brain development



“I work in a school for children with sensory issues and I love this game!”   Caitlin R. Larchmont, NY
“I LOVE this game. It is amazing, thank you, thank you.”        Andrea K., Spokane, WA
Purchase comes with free professional training on brain development techniques. Learn why this 3-dimensional game is the ultimate educational tool.


Play hundreds of games that develop the brain through integration of multiple senses within a 3-dimensional, motor challenge. Letter, number, dot, and symbol dice within two levels are combined with loads to maximize brain development. Use our training course to learn how therapists, parents, and teachers create exercises for development of memory, reading, ADHD, spatial awareness, visual perception, eye tracking, the vestibular system, and more.


Multi-sensory tasking requires sustained attention to detail. This assists those labeled ADHD or who are distracted by their environment.
working memory, visual discrimination visual closure


Spatial memory and sequential planning are at the heart of memory games. Each added brain load increases working memory requirements.


Players must visually scan using saccades and peripheral vision – vital skills for reading. Letter games teach phonics, rhyming and more.

Sensory Integration

Every game requires sequential processing, saccadic movement, bi-hemispheric integration, and more. Added brain loads maximize sensory integration further.

V I D E O   T R A I N I N G   S A M P L E S

USED BY teachers, occupational therapists and parents worldwide, this popular game is really hundreds of games in one, each integrating multiple senses in a 3-dimensional modality.
SKILLS DEVELOPED include spatial awareness, pattern recognition, working memory, attention, fine motor, saccadic eye movement, visual discrimination, bi-hemispheric integration, eye-hand coordination, peripheral vision, vestibular system.

BENEFITS THOSE with learning disabilities, memory loss, ADD/ADHD, ocular-motility problems, reading difficulties, brain injury, stroke, PTSD, visual field damage, autism.

It’s not about playing with blocks. It’s about learning to turn those blocks into a vast number of sensory integration challenges. Try the popular educational tool therapists use. GET STARTED TODAY!
visual discrimination, sequential processing